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Philips controle remoto cl043

Philips Magnavox Universal Remote Code

Philips remote control cl043 codes

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CM7 for CLIQ XT / Quench (r10)

Hi all!

I'm making my own Gingerbread ROM from CM7! Delicious Gingerbread for our phones!

What works:
  • Usable speed (No OC by default, look at "performance tips" later on the post)
  • Touchscreen + Multitouch
  • Radio / Calls (no speakerphone bug!) / SMS / Data on all SIMs
  • Wifi
  • Bluetooth
  • Sound (calls-dialer-music-headphones)
  • Video playback on Standard Definition
  • All the phone buttons
  • SD Card
  • Vibration
  • Indicator and Button lights (light getting stuck fixed!)
  • Brightness
  • E-Compass (magnetic sensor)
  • Proximity Sensor
  • Accelerometer
  • Light sensor
  • Orientation
  • GPS
  • Torch/LED Light
  • Camera / Video Recording
  • FM Radio
  • SIM Contact reading/writing (confirm please)
  • Google Apps, if you want them.

  • HQ Videos don't work, the image is 'stuck' and doesn't update. Audio works fine though.
  • Video recording doesn't work on the "youtube" quality setting (can our phones even do that?)

This ROM was completely built from the CyanogenMod 7 source. If you know how to fix any of those, or want to collaborate, just tell me! I'm quite new to Android ROM building, so any help is appreciated!

Tutorial: How to flash the ROM in a snap

Get the ROM here, and also get this other zip too. If you want Google Apps, get this third zip. Then, copy them to your phone and finally, on recovery, first flash "wipedatasystemcache.zip" and then the ROM. After that, flash the gapps zip if you want Google Apps. No wipe is needed in the process, as the first zip does all that for you. Starting on r6, the ROM already includes the speakerphone fix, starting on r7, it includes the headphone fix, starting on r9, it includes the FM fix, and starting on r10 it includes an improved camera fix, so you don't need to flash those.

Performance tips
Here are some tips to get a better performance, I tried some of them, and some users recommend some of the others. You can get to all of them on Settings -> CyanogenMod Settings -> Performance
  • You can enable overclock without SetCPU! Check the "CPU Settings" part (first item on the list) ***leave the governor in smartass, ondemand is broken***
  • You can disable dithering for a smoother experience (user-suggested)
  • You can disable compcache for a faster phone (user-suggested)
  • You can set all the effects and animations to 'fast' on Spare Parts for a better experience.
  • You can lock start and messages applications in memory so you won't lose any messages and home won't be laggy if you use any resource-intensive application.
  • You can switch your home app to Launcher Pro, ADW EX, HE Launcher, or whatever you like.
  • Choose your provider in Settings -> Wireless Settings -> Mobile Networks -> Network Operators to save quite some battery. (user suggested)

This ROM already has native apps2sd, which doesn't require you to format your sd card in any special way. Check the "Settings -> CyanogenMod Settings -> Applications" menu for this. You can manage your apps and move them to SD on "Settings -> Applications". Note that applications with widgets and live wallpapers don't work fine when you store them on the SD, keep those on the phone memory. This is not a ROM problem, this happens on every froyo/gingerbread device out there.

Tips for upgraders
If you're upgrading from an older release, check this list out:
  • r8: You should be using 'conservative' governor instead of 'ondemand', check the CyanogenMod OC settings, change it if necessary, and reboot.
  • r8: The ROM now ships with Launcher2
  • r9: The ROM doesn't ship Music³ (also known as "Cubed") anymore. This was decided by the CyanogenMod Team. It ships with a modified (?) stock music app.
  • r9: In this release, you can flash the newer Google Apps. If you get any problems, I'd recommend a clean flash.
  • r10: before flashing, disable your "OC on boot". After flashing, re-enable it if you wish, and use the *smartass* governor. If you don't do this, your phone will crawl on boot

Tips for newcomers
If you come from any other ROM, consider this
  • Do not restore WiFi configuration with Titanium or similar, it is known to break WiFi.
  • This rom has no Motoblur. Use Google to sync your contacts.

Extra stuff
I am not responsible if your phone blows up, bricks, gets unusable, you lose data, makes you less productive, makes you hungry or whatever. Use it under your own risk.

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Theme Directory for i9000

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