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Create your own FTF firmware files using XperiFirm and FlashTool [Guide] | Xperia Blog

Create your own FTF firmware files using XperiFirm and FlashTool [Guide] | Xperia Blog

Create your own FTF firmware files using XperiFirm and FlashTool
Download sony firmware (D6633) and create your own ftf file to flash latter

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giefroot - rooting tool (CVE-2014-4322) - Xperia Z3 Root with locked bootloader

giefroot - rooting tool (CVE-2014-4322) - XDA Forums

root xperia z3 D6633 with locked bootloader

Firstly flash D6633_23.0.F.1.74_CE.ftf with wiping everything and no final verification.

Turn on ur phone, wait until it will boot up, get through configuration, do not log in gmail account, don't search for wi-fi, no sync.

Open About phone settings: Click 7 times on Build number, go back and enter Developer options and check:

USB Debugging, Allow mock locations and in security uncheck Verify apps.

Then connect phone to computer, turn on Airplane mode, go to home screen and try running install.bat.


1. Get root on old firmware with @zxz0O0 masterpiece tool (OP) and install Dual Recovery by @[NUT]
PS To install dual recovery I had first to install latest busybox using busybox installer (busybox.net)
2. Create a pre-rooted firmware from latest .77 fw ftf with the not less outstanding PRFCreator tool, including latestSuperSU and Dual Recovery flashable zips (just follow thread instructions)
3. Put pre-rooted firmware flashable zip at internal memory (/sdcard0)
4. Open NDR Utils app and reboot into TWRP recovery
5. Flash pre-rooted firmware and then... POWER OFF device (DO NOT REBOOT)
6. Open FlashTool and flash latest .77 fw - EXCLUDING System !!!
7. Done!

You will get latest .77 fw rooted with dual recovery installed!
Above procedure must work to get lollipop rooted too (from KK to L)!

zxz0O0... once again... THANK YOU!!

TitaniumBackup trick Titanium Backup issue

hey , go to the the giefroot folder you downloaded to root your phone , then go to ''files'' folder , and then open a ''cmd window'' there (by pressing ctrl + right click) and then write copy paste these codes one after another

adb push systemrw.sh /data/local/tmp
adb push modulecrcpatch /data/local/tmp
adb push wp_mod.ko /data/local/tmp
adb shell
chmod 777 /data/local/tmp/systemrw.sh
chmod 777 /data/local/tmp/modulecrcpatch
chmod 777 /data/local/tmp/wp_mod.ko
cd /data/local/tmp

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Restore Lost Functionality on Your Unlocked Xperia Device - XDA Forums

Restore Lost Functionality on Your Unlocked Xperia Device - XDA Forums

Restore Lost Functionality on Your Unlocked Xperia Device

If you unlocked your bootloader on a recent Sony Xperia device, you probably know that the potential loss of warranty is not the only disadvantage you have to accept. Another fairly hidden issue is related to various proprietary features such as the X-Reality color mangement, BIONZ image processor and the active noise cancelling techniques.
Once you decide to unlock your bootloader, the process also removes a piece of data referred to as the DRM keys. These are tied to various services (such as streaming video and the like) offered by Sony but are also required for the features mentioned above to work properly. Put simply, once the keys are gone, you’ll face issues such as decreased low light camera image quality and the lack of the X-Reality mode.
However, XDA Recognized Contributor jimRnor is here to help. He worked on a mod that restores most of the lost functionality through edited system files. For those of you interested in how to get back your features, head over to the thread. Make sure to read everything carefully and flash the provided zip file in your recovery as detailed.
For the more technically interested people, I dug a bit deeper and uncovered in detail how this mod works – and more importantly, what this actually means for owners of recent Xperia devices. So let’s start with what exactly is touched by the mod. The contents of the zip are mostly modified system files, most of them being code libraries, but also some binaries and an Android Package file. Here are some examples:
  • libdrmdecrypt.so
  • libdrmframework.so
  • libdrmdiag.so
  • drmserver
  • credmgrd
  • CredentialManagerService.apk
As you can see, all those files are in some way related to the DRM services of your device. While not really surprising, the sheer amount of modded files (more than 30) stands out quite a bit. Another important point to note is that nothing else besides the system files is being modified, no changes to the TA partition or other things like that. The mod solely relies on modifications to your system partition.