segunda-feira, junho 14, 2021

Complete Switch from BASH to ZSH

In this article, I go over my implementation of ZSH, which is a better shell alternative to BASH.

Why ZSH?

ZSH is an amazing shell that just makes everything a bit easier from auto suggestions, completing tasks you do regularly considerably faster.

Before you Begin: Dependencies

I built a resource for those starting out with my Github @ and will be using many files from the project.

Packages needed before you start:

  • zsh - ZSH Shell
  • zsh-syntax-highlighting - syntax highlighting for ZSH in standard repos
  • autojump - jump to directories with j or jc for child or jo to open in file manager
  • zsh-autosuggestions - Suggestions based on your history

Initial Setup of ZSH

touch "$HOME/.cache/zshhistory"
#-- Setup Alias in $HOME/zsh/aliasrc
git clone --depth=1 ~/powerlevel10k
echo 'source ~/powerlevel10k/powerlevel10k.zsh-theme' >> ~/.zshrc

Complete Switch from BASH to ZSH

chsh $USER

Then type /bin/zsh

OR Edit /etc/passwd and change /bin/bash to /bin/zsh

ZSH Switch

quarta-feira, março 31, 2021

Very cool wallpaper for KDE Plasma Plasma Wallpaper Plugins

 It changes pictures and captures photos from external urls


Some url's that can be used:,water

quarta-feira, março 24, 2021

Official Evernote Application For Linux Available For Download (Beta)

terça-feira, janeiro 05, 2021

Android backup restore new app Migrate - custom ROM migration tool - backup - restore 

Jumping from one custom ROM to another can be a challenging task. So I decided to make an app to simplify the process.


Migrate-GPE (v4.0) is on Google Play
It was temporarily suspended. Read more here:

Download from Google Play Store
Download from AndroidFileHost
Download from XDA labs

With Migrate, you can back up:
  1. App apk
  2. App data
  3. App runtime permissions
  4. Contacts (as vcf file)
  5. SMS messages
  6. Call logs
  7. Current ROM screen DPI
  8. Current default keyboard option
  9. App installer (Migrate 3.0)
  10. Adb state (Migrate 3.0)
  11. Font scale (Migrate 3.0)

... everything in one app.


Edit - another cool script / app