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Root XT910 Jelly Bean (EASY way) - xda-developers

Root XT910 Jelly Bean (EASY way) - xda-developers

Works on ant Motorola Razr XT910 (xt-910) with android 4.1.2 jelly bean

Here are the steps:

1) Install Sun VirtualBox on your Windows PC. [EDIT: Link ---> <--- aint="" alt="" border="0" class="inlineimg" he="" img="" michelbfr="" my="" nbsp="" provided="" src="" style="max-width: 665px; overflow-x: auto; vertical-align: middle;" swell="" title="Wink">]

2) Download the VirtualBox .ova file here: l2JRERovPyfMwe-2xNzHXg4Lxg&dl=1 [EDIT: Link dead, see below]

3) Import the .ova file into VirtualBox. (Click "File" then "Import Appliance".)

4) Start the imported VM in VirtualBox (Click the big "Start" Button. It has a green arrow icon.)

5) Follow the instructions on the Linux console."

I also apologize for not coding links etc, I am not an advanced forum user. I just really wanted to share this with anyone who may not have come across this as of yet. If any of you need any further assistance I can try to help as I have successfully used this method and I know absolutely nothing about linux. Enjoy!

EDIT: New link uploaded for step #2 <---- b="" michelbfr="" nbsp="" thanks="">[LINK UPDATED]

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[HOW TO-ROOT&UNLOCK] OTA&KIES Updates+OFFICIAL Status+MDM/MDN ROOTED [GT-I9505] - xda-developers

[HOW TO-ROOT&UNLOCK] OTA&KIES Updates+OFFICIAL Status+MDM/MDN ROOTED [GT-I9505] - xda-developers


Hello everyone 

I've found SOLUTION for ALL people who USED or want to USE a Chainfire's CF-AutoRoot for GT-I9505
This method will reset System Status back to OFFICIAL and keep Full Root Access.

Works on ALL Firmwares, including XXUAMDM/MDN..!!! -TESTED  
vjuamdm root


You've been warned!!

I DON'T take any responsibility for HUMAN ERRORS....
Follow the GUIDE and it WILL work, if NOT, it's because YOU are doing something wrong...

[GT-I9505] CF-Auto-Root - xda-developers

[GT-I9505] CF-Auto-Root - xda-developers

Everyone playing with this right now knows the drill, for the rest of you this post will be updated with more information soon. So here's only the short instructions: flash the included .tar.md5 as PDA using Odin, and make sure repartition is not checked. You should see a red Android coming up, and your device will be rooted. If the device boots normally without the red Android, reboot into recovery manually to trigger the process.

This root will trigger the flash counter, which you can reset (currently only the Qualcomm variant) using Triangle Away.


Qualcomm-based GT-I9505
(Should work on MD2 and newer, but not MDN and MDM firmwares)

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Tec 4 All: TUTORIAL: CyanogenMod 10.1 no Motorola RAZR / RAZR Maxx

Tec 4 All: TUTORIAL: CyanogenMod 10.1 no Motorola RAZR / RAZR Maxx


1 - Baixe a ROM mais recente e os GAPPS e coloque os dois no armazenamento interno do RAZR.

2 - Baixe e instale o Bootmenu Manager. Abra, dê permissões de Root e vá em Installer.

3 - Depois de instalado vá em Manager, deslize para a esquerda e ative todas as opções.

3 - Se quiser, faça um backup dos seus aplicativos usando o Titanium Backup ou pelo Bootmenu Manager (Reiniciar -> Recovery -> Backup & Restore -> Full Backup ou Seletive Backup de Data e System)

4 - Reinicie e clique no Android quando ele aparecer, vá em Recovery.

5 - Vá em Firmware Flashing e então Backup CID. 

7 (Opcional) - Volte e vá em Mount & Storage e dê Format System, Data e Cache. Isso NÃO afeta seu SD ou o armazenamento do RAZR.

8 (Opcional) - Agora volte e vá em Wipe e dê Wipe Data/factory Reset e então Wipe Dalvik Cache.

9 - Volte e Install ZIP package e então em Install ZIP from Storage.

10 - Use os botões de volume para navegar e o botão power para confirmar. Selecione o arquivo da ROM, aperte power, confirme. Espere terminar o processo. Demora um pouco mesmo.

11 - Agora faça o mesmo, mas escolha o arquivo dos gapps. Sem isso você não terá as configurações do início nem Google Play Store.

12 - Agora volte e vá em Reboot options e então em reboot.

13 - Espere o celular ligar, pode demorar até 15 minutos. Mais que isso reinicie novamente (power + volume menos) e de Wipe cache e wipe dalvik cache.

14 - Após ligar você poderá configurar o aparelho e restaurar seus aplicativos pelo Titanium Backup =)

ATENÇÃO: Se você quiser pode arriscar instalar sem fazer os passos 6, 7 e 8. Mas recomendo que pelo menos o passo 6 façam! Se não fizerem os passos 7 e 8 o celular provavelmente irá ligar e estará tudo lá os aplicativos, mas provavelmente ficará mais lento que o normal!

[HOWTO] Recover Razr, from bad flash, corrupted ROM using RSD lite and Fastboot - xda-developers

[HOWTO] Recover Razr, from bad flash, corrupted ROM using RSD lite and Fastboot - xda-developers

Fastboot files click here
In the event that your phone will not boot into your bootstrap or safestrap recovery, you will need a way to restore your phone. Luckily we have fastboot files for the Droid Razr which means you should be able to recovery from any software problem. But if you are just looking for a way to remove your custom ROM, remove SU privileges, and return to factory conditions, then this will work for you as well…but proceed with caution.

Before You Begin:

  • Disclaimer: This procedure has been verified to work but you are completely flashing the internal memory of your phone. The system, boot, and data partitions will all be erased and rewritten. Anything stored on the internal 16GB SD card will be erased (external SD card will not be touched). This procedure is to be used as a last resort and if you do not follow the steps properly, if you unplug your device during the process, etc., you could permanently “brick” your device (I haven’t tested that for obvious reasons but similar procedures with different devices have been known to cause major problems if not done correctly).
    1. This method requires a Windows PC.
  • You will need to have ADB properly set up on your computer. If you have not set up Android SDK please CLICK HERE
  • RSD Lite version 5.6 or greater is required.
  • Make sure you have a decent charge on your battery. I personally would not attempt this with less than 50% battery but I recommend having a fully charged battery just to be safe.

Download Files:

  1. If you do not have RSD Lite version 5.6, please download it here: (this is a windows installer so unrar the downloaded file, double click on the .msi file, and follow the prompts).
  2. Download the latest fastboot files for the correct version of phone you have (CDMA or UMTS).
  3. For Verizon versions, you may need to download HJSplit which is also listed at the bottom of the post @ XDA. NOTE: The downloads for the Verizon fastboot files are split into two downloads on the posts above. You have to rejoin them together using HJSplit (unless you download the full .zip the file below)
  • For the current file for the Verizon version ( as of 1/24/12), here is a download that is already joined (if you don’t know how or just don’t want to mess with HJSplit):
  • For the current file for the UMTS version, you must look for the correct version to download because there are several different GSM versions of the Razr and it appears like each one has a completely different .zip file.

Boot Into Boot Mode Selection Menu (AKA Fastboot Menu):

  1. Power down your device
  2. Press and hold the Vol+ and Vol- keys, then press and hold the power button until a white screen appears and you can now release all three buttons.
  3. Use the Vol- key (and ONLY the Vol- key) to scroll through the list. Scroll until “AP Fastboot” is highlighted and press the Vol+ key to select it.

Prepare to Flash the Fastboot Files:

  1. Connect the USB cable to both your PC and phone. NOTE: At this time, you may see drivers trying to install but they may not all be successful (that’s okay). But your computer does need to recognize your Razr as a ADB interface device (if it does not, you probably do not have ADB configured properly and you will not be able to flash your phone.
  2. Open RSD Lite and use the program (button to the right of the “Filename:” box) to open the .zip file containing your fastboot files.
  3. When prompted, select the “Uncompress Only” button on your PC.
  4. After it has uncompressed the files, ensure that RSD Lite shows “connected” on one of the ports and make sure that your phone shows “USB Connected”. If you are still not connected you may need to unplug the device and plug it back in (I had to do this one of the times I did this procedure).
  5. Press the “Start” button at the top of the RSD Lite application and let it do it’s thing. Don’t touch the phone, don’t unplug the phone…just walk away or sit quietly and watch. RSD Lite will show you the current status and there are many steps listed that it must go though (it goes really fast until step 12). This process should take approximately 15-20 minutes in total so BE PATIENT and just wait!
  6. Once the 18 steps have completed, your phone will reboot…JUST KEEP WAITING. You will see the stock recovery screen and it will need a few minutes to flash the factory ROM.
  7. When you see the phone’s lock screen you disconnect the USB cable and close RSD Lite.
  8. Breathe a sigh of relief…cause you have restored your phone to factory condition!