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How to set up Nokia LMX files - Installation guide for GPS POI

How to set up Nokia LMX files - Installation guide in GPS Phones forum - GPS POI: "How to set up Nokia LMX files - Installation guide"

1. Download Nokia GPS LMX files (landmarks) or convert any POI files with our online POI Editor to LMX file format.

2. Save LMX file to your memory card (e.g. Documents). Use USB "Data Transfer"

3. On your phone go to Settings >> Data mgr >> File mgr >> Documents

4. Copy all required POI files. Too many POIs may slow down or freeze your GPS Landmarks application.

5. Assign appropriate category to your POIs.
Goto Applications >> Landmarks >> Categories >> Uncategorised >> Options > Mark/Unmark >> Mark All

6. Return to Options and select Add To Category

Here you can download audio alerts for Nokia 6110 Navigator

Traffic camera ahead - download
Speed camera ahead - download
Redlight camera ahead - download

How to set Nokia audio alerts:

1. Click on the download link with right mouse button, save to your HDD and copy audio file to your Nokia.

2. On your Nokia goto Settings >> Alarm and select category with your POIs

3. Change alarm settings - Visual alarm, Warning sound and distance

4. Press Save and exit

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