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Create Windows7 iso image

WindowsX LIve: Download Windows7 Legally

Instructions to make an iso from these files (Assuming you have already downloaded the files and placed all 3 in the same folder):

1. Run the .exe for your download as administrator (right click on it, then click "Run as Administrator" in the menu), wait for it to extract (If you get an error but still have the expandedSetup folder, check the number/filesize from this post: http://forum.notebookreview.com/showpos ... stcount=43 - if you have all of the files, you can go ahead and continue to make the iso)

2. Once you get the 'Install Now' window, close it

3. You should have a folder called expandedSetup in the directory with the 3 downloaded files

4. Copy this folder to C:\

5. Go to C:\expandedSetup\sources and delete the file called ei.cfg , doing this will allow you to select the version you want at install (Pro, Ultimate, Home Premium etc.)

6. Download this file: http://sharebee.com/2932d4f4 extract it, and place it (oscdimg.exe) in C:\Windows\System32 (This file comes from the official windows 7 WAIK, it is called oscdimg.exe in case you were wondering)

7. Then, open a command prompt as administrator (type cmd into the start menu box then right click on cmd.exe and click "Run as Administrator") and run the following command:

oscdimg.exe -bC:\expandedSetup\boot\etfsboot.com -u2 -h -m -lWIN_EN_DVD C:\expandedSetup\ C:\Win7.iso

-This will create an iso for windows 7 in your C drive, if you get an error, try typing in the command, not copy/paste

-Note, the character before WIN_EN_DVD is a lowercase L, not |

8. Burn the iso, boot it, and install (you can also put it onto a usb flash drive/hard drive using the microsoft tool to save a disc: http://sharebee.com/c30bb301 )

The disc created with this method will act just like a retail Windows 7 disc (can install any version (Ultimate, Pro, Home Premium etc.) but is limited to whichever bit-type (x86 or x64) you download)
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