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[HOWTO] reset custom binary counter in download mode galaxy s2 sii

Default [HOWTO] reset custom binary counter in download mode

Managed to find the solution to this today, all by accident.

Using the magical USB jig used on the sgs to put it into download mode.

Video below shows it


It resets the counter and says that the binary is default, but it is still the custom kernel.

It also removes the warning symbol at the bottom of the screen on each boot.

How did i find it?

Well, you know the download mode jig you can make to put the sgs into download mode. I make them and sell them on ebay to make a few quid. (not too great, too many others doing it)

I thought "it worked on my sgs, will it work on this?"

powered off the sgs II plugged the jig in and encountered a sceen saying "erasing download information succeeded" and now it says I have no custom binaries and my current binary is "samsung official", when its chainfires.

It also removes the triangle warning on first boot because it thinks its genuine. But I still have my root privelages.

I call this a warranty solution. All thanks to a resistor and u micro usb plug.

Where Can I Get One?

Guide to make the jig

MOD EDIT: No selling

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