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How to Un-Brick a TP-LINK Router(WR740N) TL-WR740N

How to Un-Brick a TP-LINK Wireless Router(WR740N) ; TL-WR740N
**Would Work For Any Router Of TP-LINK Newer Than And WR740N**

What You Would Need;
1. Bricked Router Here(TP-LINK WR740N) 
2. Your Router's Stock Firmware
3. An Ethernet Cable(Comes In The Box)
4. TFTP Utils (TFPTUtil is an open source TFTP server written in C#.
better use this TFTP Server
do not register as service.
open cmd.exe window on c:\OpenTFTPServer\
run -> RunStandAloneMT.bat (with this it will output whatever the router does)
change OpenTFTPServerMT.ini in section [LISTEN-ON] should have

Latest version can be downloaded using subversion at:
https://cvn.sourceforge.net/cvnroot/t... )
5. A Matchstick
6. A Brain(I'm Sorry Don't Have Any Link To Download a Brain :/)

Steps To Un-Brick: 
1. Turn Off The Router My Friend Is Helping Me Here 
2. Connect The Ethernet Cable To PC And Router's WAN Port
3. Tell Your Computer To Setup a Static IP and Subnet Mask i.e IP( Subnet Mask( [Shown In The Video :) ] 
5. Start TFTP Utils
6. Copy The Firmware And Put It In TFTP Utils Root Directory
7. Rename It To " wr740v4_tp_recovery "
8. Take a Matchstick and Press The Reset Button(Keep Pressing Until I Tell You :P
9. Now Turn On The Router While Pressing The Reset Button
10. Keep Pressing For a Second Or 2 The WAN Light Would Light Up 
11. Let TFTP Utils To Listen On Your Ethernet Card's IP(Very Important)
12. Follow Steps 8, 9 And 10 Again! After Turning Router Off 
13. The Router Will Automatically Start Pulling The Firmware From Your PC And Install It Afterwards
14. Wait For a Few Minutes And Let The Router Restart
15. Enjoy Your Un-Bricked Router! 

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