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How do I find out what programs are accessing my internet connection?

How do I find out what programs are accessing my internet connection?

find which process is using internet on windows

%windir%\system32\perfmon.exe /res

If you are using Windows Vista operating system then you may follow these below links.

Method 1 - Direct Route

a. Click on the Vista Start Globe (Button).
b. Type perf in the 'Start Search' dialog box.
c. You could also try typing: perfmon/res

Method 2 - Long winded

a. Start by launching the Task Manager.
b. Ctrl +Shift +Esc is the flashiest way.
c. The executable is called taskmgr (as it was in XP).
d. At the bottom of the Task Manager is a new tab called Resource Manager.

Method 3 - Classic

a. Locate the Administrative Tools.
b. To display the Administrative Tools on the Programs Menu: c. Right click the Taskbar, Properties, Start Menu, Customize, d. Advanced and scroll down to the Administrative Tools.
e. Click on Reliability and Performance Monitoring.
f. Remember to Start perfmon from the Monitor menu.

You may also follow this below link.

Performance monitoring for IT Pros

If you are using Windows 7 operating system then follow these below steps.

To check the programs which are using that connection on your computer you may make use of an inbuilt feature known asResource Monitor in Windows 7.

Resource Monitor is an application provided with Windows 7 where you can check the utilization of different resources on the computer. Same kind of program was also there inWindows XP/Vista but in windows 7, Microsoft has added lot many new features. You can monitorCPU, Memory (RAM), Network usage etc on single platform.

To monitor the programs which are using Internet, go to the “Network” tab. Under that, you can see TCP connections. There you can see the list ofprograms which are using Internet for different purposes.

Process with Network Activity” panel will show you the download speed, data downloaded or sent etc. Here is the screenshot of “Resource Monitor – Network” panel

To open the “Resource Monitor” panel. Follow these below steps.

a. Click on start button.
b. Click all programs.
c. Click on Accessories.
d. Click on System Tools.
e. Select Resource Monitor.

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