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Root galaxy s6 deep sleep problem fix

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EDIT: HomerSp posted a TWRP-flashable ZIP here:http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...7&postcount=56

It still requires you are rooted with SuperSU though. If not, flashing back stock kernel and stock recovery with ODIN will still fix the deep sleep issue.


If using SuperSU, copy/paste this into an ADB shell, it'll reboot your device, and the problem will be fixed. You might need to grant permissions on-screen after the first line.


su mount -o rw,remount /system /system mkdir /system/su.d chmod 0700 /system/su.d echo "#!/tmp-mksh/tmp-mksh" > /system/su.d/000000deepsleep echo "echo 'temporary none' > /sys/class/scsi_disk/0:0:0:1/cache_type" >> /system/su.d/000000deepsleep echo "echo 'temporary none' > /sys/class/scsi_disk/0:0:0:2/cache_type" >> /system/su.d/000000deepsleep chmod 0700 /system/su.d/000000deepsleep reboot

This takes @HomerSp 's fix listed a few posts up, and has SuperSU apply it on every boot.

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