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Asterisk-IM plugin Openfire Ignite Realtime

Help save the Asterisk-IM plugin :-) | Ignite Realtime



speedy Campeão 02/07/2015 15:23

t looks like the Asterisk-IM plugin might be on the chopping block.  It hasn't been updated or maintained in a very long time.  Now, it appears that its causing issues with the latest version of openfire.  I think this is an important plugin, and one worth saving.  Unfortunately, I'm not a coder so my help in this is limited.

speedy Campeão 02/07/2015 15:24
So I recompiled using smack  3.4.1 and updated asterisk-java to the last known release 1.00 snapshot, and  jtapi1.4 thanks to Carlos. Anyone dare to try? Its working for me, but my testing is very limited.

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