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get IP address automation script

get ip address automation script

what is my ip address

If you can make your "info panel" (whatever that is) application parse any other URI try grabbing the IP address from other sites like or or ? FAQ

Which sites are available?
You have a few to choose from:
Why should I use these services when there are plenty of other ones out there?
My services return all data in plain text without any advertisements or extra data. I also monitor the services to ensure they’re always available.
How do I control whether I get results based on IPv4 or IPv6?
There are two helper subdomains for and However, I recommend using your command line tool options or code libraries to handle this:
How do I deal with a proxy that is mangling my externally facing IP address?
I run all of these services on ports 80 and 81 in clear text. You can also use SSL to reach these services on port 443 but only has an SSL certificate configured. For example:
Why do all these domains have “icanhaz” in them?
You may understand the reasoning further if you review Wikipedia’s article on lolcats.
Where can I get the source?
Roll on over to GitHub!
Can I add checks against these domains to my scripts?
Sure! Just try not to smash the service with unneeded requests.
What about my privacy?
I do keep the logs from the web server around to ensure that the service isn’t being abused. However, no data is stored in a database or provided to third parties. I may pull some general statistics from the logs from time to time about the countries where the site is the most popular, but there will never be anything released on a granular level.
My Puppy Linux box keeps talking to your server. What’s up?
I’m not a Puppy Linux user, but my site is used by some of the startup scripts to help users determine what their external IP address is after booting. My site returns IP addresses without any advertisements and that’s why it’s relatively popular in some circles. I don’t gather any information about users other than what would normally appear in an Apache log. If you’re upset about your computer making these connections, please direct your complaints to Puppy Linux developers and maintainers.

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