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Android backup restore new app Migrate - custom ROM migration tool - backup - restore


Jumping from one custom ROM to another can be a challenging task. So I decided to make an app to simplify the process.


Migrate-GPE (v4.0) is on Google Play
It was temporarily suspended. Read more here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=82230451&postcount=1273

Download from Google Play Store
Download from AndroidFileHost
Download from XDA labs

With Migrate, you can back up:
  1. App apk
  2. App data
  3. App runtime permissions
  4. Contacts (as vcf file)
  5. SMS messages
  6. Call logs
  7. Current ROM screen DPI
  8. Current default keyboard option
  9. App installer (Migrate 3.0)
  10. Adb state (Migrate 3.0)
  11. Font scale (Migrate 3.0)

... everything in one app.


Edit - another cool script / app

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