quinta-feira, junho 24, 2004

Job Sheduler - OpenSymphony - Quartz

OpenSymphony - Quartz - Documentation
Parece ter bastante features legais esse scheduler, vale a pena conferir!

Sample uses of job scheduling with Quartz:

- Driving Workflow: As a new order is initially placed, schedule a Job to fire in exactly 2 hours, that will check the status of that order, and trigger a warning notification if an order confirmation message has not yet been received for the order, as well as changing the order's status to 'awaiting intervention'.

- System Maintenance: Schedule a job to dump the contents of a database into an XML file every business day (all weekdays except holidays) at 11:30 PM.

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Renato disse...

Ele parece ainda melhor do que eu pensei, tem utilidades como cron, e pode ainda ter a opção de server e ser "disparado" remotamente