domingo, agosto 08, 2010

Voip provider with iNum

"QXIP (pronounced Quick-SIP) is a free, open SIP and iNUM network for powerusers and developers.

We have a solid, compact and redundant network structure and like living on the edge of technology. If you are looking for a free account to make regular SIP calls, our friends at Ekiga are probably a better choice at this stage (no worries! Our networks are peering so you will still be able to access all of our public test services until we're ready for primetime). On the other hand, if you are a SIP lover, phreaker or developer of any kind on any platform looking for a new sandbox to play with and want to share ideas and contribute our platform, yes, this is for you.

You do not need an account to start messing with QXIP. Just send us some traffic and you're in.

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