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Samsung firmware

Samsung firmware, news and updates.
I found the I5800 firmware to america (Brazil) it worked fine, using this instructions

Actually many firmware are available for each area (Europe, Asia and America). Last firmware version are:

Europe: I5800XWJH2
Asia: I5801DDJG6
America: I5800LVIJG8

All roms use OPS 531 and they can be flashed using ODIN for 5800.

Flashing with ODIN it's very simple (sorry for picture):

1) Select "One Package"
2) Select OPS file for I5800
3) In one package select the firmware that you want to flash.
4) Start

In about two minutes your mobile will be upgrade.

DOWNLOAD ODIN AND OPS FOR I5800 HERE --> All necessary files!
DOWNLOAD I5800/5801 Flashing Tutorial (English) HERE --> Courtesy of

I5800XWJH2 for I5800 EUROPE (August 2010) - CLICK HERE - (password =
I5800XXJI2 for I5800 EUROPE (September 2010) - CLICK HERE - (password =
I5800XWJI4 for I5800 EUROPE (September 2010) - CLICK HERE - (password =
I5801DDJG6 for I5800 ASIA (July 2010) - CLICK HERE - (password =
I5800LVIJG8 for I5800 AMERICA (July 2010) - CLICK HERE - (password =
I5800BOJH1 for I5801 (August 2010) - CLICK HERE - (password =

Fixed I5800XXJI2 Firmware (no memory problems) - Mirror 01 - Mirror 02

* To enable copy protected apps for the new september firmware in market please read this topic
* For I5800 latest firmware (September 2010) read this post:

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