quarta-feira, dezembro 07, 2011

Galaxy S II I9100 Old Bootloader and New Bootloader


ok so i wanted to reset the counter using usb jig.. but i went and updated via kies to KI8.. so i went to HERE and downloaded old bootloader the package one..

All packages below this point have the old bootloader so you can safely reset the binary counter with a Jig.

If you've already flashed a full package from elsewhere or updated using KIES and cannot reset your binary counter using the Jig just flash this package in the PDA or Bootloader section of Odin to replace the bootloaders and then you can reset the counter: http://www.multiupload.com/LQQBRQVJUD

Here are the new bootloader tarball if you want to flash them back after resetting your binary counter: http://www.multiupload.com/5LNOCL7KPV
and went using the latest odin which is 1.85 and flashed old bootloader into my SGS2 via PDA option and it seemed abit slower than the "original/new" bootloader

so question is:
does new bootloader boot faster than the old one?

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