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Lynksys Pap2t dial timeout

PAP2T WEIRDNESS, dialing delay | trixbox

I have two linksys pap2t's working with trixbox, everything "works" however when I try and dial out there is a 5 second delay before the call goes through, this is an annoyance I was wondering if anyone is aware of a proper config that I can use with these devices to get around this issue, I found a post here that someone else was pressing the # button to dial, this allows the calls to go through but I again hoping someone knows the magic to get around this before I put this system in production.

just resolved the same 10 second PDD (post dial delay) problem with my PAP2T without modifying the dial plan.

I'm using a PAP2T running 3.1.15 firmware:

1) login to the PAP2's GUI
2) click 'Admin Login' and switch to 'Advanced View'
3) 'Regional' tab > 'Control Timer Values' section
Here's where the magic happens...
4) The 'Interdigit Long Timer' is defaulted at 10 seconds hence the 10 seconds of PDD
5) change this to 3 seconds or so and now your PDD is only 3 seconds

One caveat to this is that the call is sent after the Interdigit Long Timer has been exceeded regardless of the number of digits dialed. For example, if the timer is set at 1 second, you dial your NPA and then take >1 second to dial the NXX, the call will fail because it will send only the 3 digit NPA. However, I've been testing the timer at 3 seconds and it seems to be the sweet spot between sending the digits too fast and too much PDD.

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