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Root XT910 Jelly Bean (EASY way) - xda-developers

Root XT910 Jelly Bean (EASY way) - xda-developers

Works on ant Motorola Razr XT910 (xt-910) with android 4.1.2 jelly bean

Here are the steps:

1) Install Sun VirtualBox on your Windows PC. [EDIT: Link ---> <--- aint="" alt="" border="0" class="inlineimg" he="" img="" michelbfr="" my="" nbsp="" provided="" src="" style="max-width: 665px; overflow-x: auto; vertical-align: middle;" swell="" title="Wink">]

2) Download the VirtualBox .ova file here: l2JRERovPyfMwe-2xNzHXg4Lxg&dl=1 [EDIT: Link dead, see below]

3) Import the .ova file into VirtualBox. (Click "File" then "Import Appliance".)

4) Start the imported VM in VirtualBox (Click the big "Start" Button. It has a green arrow icon.)

5) Follow the instructions on the Linux console."

I also apologize for not coding links etc, I am not an advanced forum user. I just really wanted to share this with anyone who may not have come across this as of yet. If any of you need any further assistance I can try to help as I have successfully used this method and I know absolutely nothing about linux. Enjoy!

EDIT: New link uploaded for step #2 <---- b="" michelbfr="" nbsp="" thanks="">[LINK UPDATED]

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