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[GT-I9505] CF-Auto-Root - xda-developers

[GT-I9505] CF-Auto-Root - xda-developers

Everyone playing with this right now knows the drill, for the rest of you this post will be updated with more information soon. So here's only the short instructions: flash the included .tar.md5 as PDA using Odin, and make sure repartition is not checked. You should see a red Android coming up, and your device will be rooted. If the device boots normally without the red Android, reboot into recovery manually to trigger the process.

This root will trigger the flash counter, which you can reset (currently only the Qualcomm variant) using Triangle Away.


Qualcomm-based GT-I9505http://download.chainfire.eu/316/CF-...xx-gti9505.zip
(Should work on MD2 and newer, but not MDN and MDM firmwares)

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