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Sony D66xx 6633 Z3 Z3 Z3 DUAL UNOFFICIAL LineageOS 14.1 build 2017-06-07

You need flashtool and drivers...


Downloader and maitainer above!

Steps I did in order to make it work!

First Root with locked bootloader to backup TA

Thread is this -> https://forum.xda-developers.com/crossdevice-dev/sony/giefroot-rooting-tool-cve-2014-4322-t3011598

1. Get root on old firmware with @zxz0O0 masterpiece tool (OP) and install Dual Recovery by @[NUT]
PS To install dual recovery I had first to install latest busybox using busybox installer (busybox.net)
2. Create a pre-rooted firmware from latest .77 fw ftf with the not less outstanding PRFCreatortool, including latestSuperSU and Dual Recovery flashable zips (just follow thread instructions)
3. Put pre-rooted firmware flashable zip at internal memory (/sdcard0)
4. Open NDR Utils app and reboot into TWRP recovery
5. Flash pre-rooted firmware and then... POWER OFF device (DO NOT REBOOT)
6. Open FlashTool and flash latest .77 fw - EXCLUDING System !!!
7. Done!

You will get latest .77 fw rooted with dual recovery installed!
Above procedure must work to get lollipop rooted too (from KK to L)!



Flash a ROM abobe version .200 ex.: D6633_Customized BR_1288-7359_23.5.A.1.291_R5D, when you create the bundle on flashtool D6633_23.5.A.1.291_R5D_Customized BR_1288-7359.ftf, import add ALL files...

s1 D66x3 installation:
LA3.0_L_15.4 : is preinstalled. (.200 and above)
This will make you have new bootloader and leave FOTAKernel to have a bootloader on it's partition.

flash lineageOS kernel with: (download lineageOS boot.img is inside .zip file)
For fastboot turnoff your phone press volume up + power it vibrates 3 times (mean it's turned off)
Fastboot just press volume UP and connect usb cable

fastboot flash boot boot.img

flash recovery by using command:

fastboot flash FOTAKernel

then reboot with

fastboot reboot
Now go into twrp or whatever bootloader your choice, do a full reset and user adb sideload to load LineageOS and Gapps as commands bellow:

For me go into twrp was little tricky I needed to turn phone on them press volume down several times, like click on/off

adb sideload lineage-14.1-20170607-xkeita-z3dual.zip
adb sideload open_gapps-arm-7.1-micro-20170608.zip

You should have lineageOS in you Sony Xperia Z3
Camera (optional)

DRM Function Restore / Backup-TA-9.11

1.Flash ftf file "23.0.1.A.5.77" by Flashtool. - Wipe appslog, cache, data - and reset customizations
2.Relock bootloader by Flashtool.
3.Flash ftf file "23.0.1.A.5.77" by Flashtool AGAIN. - Wipe appslog, cache, data
4.Unlock bootloader by Flashtool.
5.Flash boot.img "AndroPlusKernel v12" by Fastboot.
6.Install DRM restore zip by TWRP.

Unlocked bootloader
.77 based firmware for D6653 (I tried several firmwares but the one that worked for me was the .77 firmware for PH market downloaded from flashtool)
AndrosPlusKernel v15 (extracted boot.img from the zip to be flashed)
DRM restore zip from that original thread above (placed in sd card)

Note - Key here is to not restart/boot the phone after each step in the instructions above. Just keep phone off and unplugged after each step. I realized that leaving the phone connected in flashmode for a while will make it boot, so I just unplugged it while waiting for flashtool to prepare FTF for flashing. Then plug it in again with vol down button pressed.

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