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Fun Numbers - Ekiga

Fun Numbers - Ekiga

Ekiga.net numbers

Ekiga's numbers
SIPNumber Description
sip:500@ekiga.net Echo test, supports video (H264, H263-1998, H261 only), as well as audio (PCMA only) - the sound is low quality
sip:520@ekiga.net Call-me test (call, hangup, and you will be called right afterwards), supports audio only
sip:501@ekiga.net Public conference room from Ekiga.net
sip:501xxxx@ekiga.net These rooms are public or private, anyone can join a conference at any time if he choose the right number or you can protect the access with a PIN number.
sip:5011122@ekiga.net french conference room 1122
  • where x = any digits from 0 to 9.
  • When using the conference rooms (501xxxx) you'll be asked for a "PIN number". The first person to enter a 'room' may specify a PIN by entering a number (followed by #) to limit access to the conference room, just entering # will make this conference room public. When the last person leaves a conference room, the PIN will be cancelled and others may use the 'room'.

Fully Tested Numbers

Toll free numbers accessible from Ekiga.net
Prefix-SIPnumber Service / provider
sip:*010600@ekiga.net Echo test from Voxalot (USA)
sip:*031600@ekiga.net Echo test from Voxalot (Europe)
sip:*061600@ekiga.net Echo test from Voxalot (Australia)
sip:*0131800xxxxxxx@ekiga.net US 800 Toll Free Numbers using SIPBroker ENUM Server, Search USA Toll Free numbers
sip:*01349800xxxxxxx@ekiga.net Germany Toll Free Numbers using SIPBroker ENUM Server.
sip:*013352800xxxxx@ekiga.net Luxembourg Toll Free Numbers using SIPBroker ENUM Server.
sip:*01388299000199xxx@ekiga.net e164.org's public voice conference rooms (000 through 999 are the conf numbers)
sip:*01317853950049@ekiga.net Kansas State University Test Phone Number
sip:*201511@ekiga.net VoIP.Brujula.net's conference room (51112 creates a new room #12)
sip:*201393613@ekiga.net VoIP.Brujula.net's echo test (forward to FWD?)
sip:*2011800xxxxxxx@ekiga.net Toll Free 800 numbers in USA 800 Directory
sip:*248333@ekiga.net Wengo's echo test (France)
sip:*248335@ekiga.net Wengo's video echo test (H263 + PCMU/PCMA)
sip:*266300@ekiga.net Blueface Monkey sounds (Ireland)
sip:*266301@ekiga.net Blueface echo test (Ireland)
sip:*266303@ekiga.net Blueface speaking clock (Ireland)
sip:*266305@ekiga.net Blueface Music (Ireland)
sip:*318613@ekiga.net Ixcall echo test
sip:*318411@ekiga.net Tell me ixcall.net (speech recognition)
sip:*393613@ekiga.net FreeWorldDialup's echo test
sip:*393*31800xxxxxxx@ekiga.net Netherlands toll-free numbers from FreeWorldDialup
sip:*393*47800xxxxx@ekiga.net Norway toll-free numbers from FreeWorldDialup
sip:*673500@ekiga.net Echo test from Ekiga.net
sip:*74717475552663@ekiga.net Free Conference Call
sip:*7471101301@ekiga.net Echo test from Gizmo Project
sip:*74712220000000@ekiga.net SipPhone Party Line
sip:*773505741837999@ekiga.net Prato City Hall's echo test (Italy)
sip:*850301@ekiga.net Idea SIP's echo test
sip:*850100xxxxxxx@ekiga.net Idea SIP's conference call
sip:*850**12345@ekiga.net Idea SIP's weird voice mail message
sip:*8508355@ekiga.net Tell me ideasip
sip:*8501800xxxxxxx@ekiga.net US 800 Toll Free Numbers ideasip.com Search USA Toll Free numbers
sip:*011188888@ekiga.net SipBroker Test announcement
sip:*201613@ekiga.net voip.brujula.net echo test
sip:*201411@ekiga.net Google 1-800-GOOG-411 Free 411 service (voip.brujula.net) Speech recognition to search and connect business
sip:*201393514@ekiga.net Coffee House (conference room, voip.brujula.net)
  • x = any digits from 0 to 9.
  • do not dial/type the - character ;)
  • in case of multiple VoIP accounts saved in Ekiga (the software), add @ekiga.net suffix to these toll free numbers to place a call using Ekiga.net service.

Non working SIP Numbers

Toll free numbers
Prefix-SIPnumber Description Test Date Result
sip:*01316049586111@ekiga.net e164.org's caller ID read back 2007-01-11 Busy tone (twen)
sip:*01316049580001@ekiga.net e164.org's TCP/IP ping utility 2007-01-11 Busy tone (twen)
sip:*01316049581212@ekiga.net e164.org's experimental directory service 2007-01-11 Busy tone (twen)

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