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Using SIP with Nokia Series60 and Asterisk | NewLC

Using SIP with Nokia Series60 and Asterisk | NewLC

Those instructions bellow worked with Nokia 5800 +sip

This article is using the open source PBX Asterisk to setup a SIP account properly on the Nokia E60. Therefore the configuration for different SIP servers may be similiar. This article is referring to the howto from nextmobile.

Create a new sip account on the asterisk

Add following setting to sip.conf (the username "44" is just used for example !):


SIP realm

The realm for digest authentication defaults to "asterisk". Otherwise please verify your active realm in sip.conf.

Nokia E60 settings

Navigate to Tools->Settings->Connection->SIP settings.

Open the Options menu and select Add new->Use default profile:

Profile name: to be defined
Service profile: IETF
Default access point: your wifi access point
Public user name: sip:SIP user @domain or IP address
Use compression: No
Regristration: Always on
Use security: No

Proxy server:

Proxy server address: sip:IP address of your asterisk
Realm: asterisk (or realm of your asterisk)
User name: SIP user
Password: secret
Allow loose routing: Yes
Transport type: UDP
Port: 5060

Registrar server:

Registrar serv.addr.: sip:Asterisk
Realm: -
User name: -
Password: -
Transport type: UDP
Port: 5060

Now, navigate to Tools->Settings->Connection->Internet tel.settings: and create a New profile in the Options menu with the following settings:

Name: Default
SIP profiles: previously defined profile

Default call type

To switch between normal GSM calls or VOIP calls, navigate to Tools->Settings->Call->Default call type.

Select Cellular to make normal calls to the phone number or Internet to use VoIP to call the number or address.

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