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Tutorial - moto maxx 6.0.1 brazil soak update

Tutorial - moto maxx 6.0.1 brazil soak updat… | Motorola Moto Maxx


New GDRIVE mirrors = https://goo.gl/o3TvVz


1. Make sure you are / Install 5.0.2 (22.33/34.16) BR RETAIL or TIMBR (if you're, jump to step2)
a. Download the correct ROM zip with flash.bat commands: ( https://goo.gl/Nq69AU)
b.1. Install this zip file with RSDLite. Steps: (http://forum.xda-developers.com/droi...mware-t3074724)
b.2. Install thru ADB/Mfastboot
-Extract downloaded zip file to any folder in your PC, run Command Prompt from inside that folder (FILE/RUN COMMAND PROMPT). Plug your device in fastboot/bootloader mode and type "FLASH.BAT" without quotes.
b.3. Restore TWRP backup (you need to install TWRP modded inside backup zip = https://goo.gl/lcE5mo)
-see steps 04-10 from 2nd OPTION using above zip.

2. Make sure if you are in the correct version, Config/About (5.0.2-LXG22.33/34-12.16 RetailBR or TIMBR)
3. Download the OTA/SOAK1 (https://goo.gl/gdOsWW)
4. If you have a locked bootloader, enable "OEM unlock" on "Developers Options" just in case...
5. Put this last zip file in /sdcard/ (root) PS: Do not extract or rename the file (Blur_Version.24.61.61.quark_retbr.retbr.en.BR.zip )
6. Go Config/About/Update and follow the steps for update.
*PS: If it doesn't recognize as new update, you can try flashing in stock recovery.
7. After soak1 upgrade finishes, download soak2 (https://goo.gl/aGMnAk) and repeat steps 4 and 5 with the new files.
*PS: Idem above
8. After soak2 upgrade finishes, download soak3 (https://goo.gl/NZ1TkF) and repeat steps 4 and 5 with the new file.
*PS: Idem above
9. After soak3 upgrade finishes, download soak4 (https://goo.gl/7ctoFV) and repeat steps 4 and 5 with the new file.
*PS: Idem above


1. You can be in any ROM (KK, LP, CM, RR etc)
2. Download my Backup from SOAK for TWRP (choose one):
-SOAK 4 = https://goo.gl/PVJp9t
-SOAK 3 = https://goo.gl/zH5BTl 
-SOAK 2 = https://goo.gl/URsYqT
-SOAK 1 = https://goo.gl/5wC5Cd
3. Download and extract the ADB PACK.zip for any folder in your PC (https://goo.gl/WjcqpB)
4. Make sure if your bootloader is unlocked to be able to install TWRP.
5. Run Command Prompt from inside this folder (second zip) (FILE/RUN COMMAND PROMPT). Plug your device in fastboot/bootloader mode and type "mfastboot flash recovery twrp3020m.img" without quotes
6. Still in bootloader, enter RECOVERY MODE and start TWRP
7. Select Restore and make a backup for SYSTEM/DATA/BOOT/MODEM/RECOVERY/LOGO
8. Keep TWRP opened and your phone plugged, extract ZIP from item 2 aside your new backup
9. In twrp, select WIPE / ADVANCED e erase: DALVIK/SYSTEM/CACHE/*DATA
* If your were in stock rom, you can try to keep your apps, but I do not recommend.
10. Go RESTORE in TWRP and restore
for SOAK4= "6.0.1-Soak4-24.66.2"(boot/system/modem/recovery*)
for SOAK3= "6.0.1-Soak3-24.66.1" (boot/system/modem/recovery*)
for SOAK2= "6.0.1-Soak2-24.61.68" (boot/system/modem/recovery*)
for SOAK1= "6.0.1-Soak1-24.61.61" (boot/system/modem/recovery*)
*Do not select RECOVERY if you want to keep TWRP
11. ON TWRP main menu, choose REBOOT SYSTEM


1. Download and extract the 24.66.1 fastboot zip file: https://goo.gl/D6dHzD
2. Run Command Prompt inside that folder (FILE / RUN CMD)
3. You don't need a unlocked bootloader, but it's highly recommended. If you have a locked bootloader, at least enable "OEM unlock" on "Developers Options" just in case... 
4. Plug your maxx in fastboot/bootloader mode, type in prompt: "0FLASH601.bat" without quotes.

PS2: Commands inside FLASH502.BAT item b.2. from 1st OPTION:
mfastboot flash logo logo.bin
mfastboot flash boot boot.img
mfastboot flash recovery recovery.img
mfastboot flash system system.img_sparsechunk.0
mfastboot flash system system.img_sparsechunk.1
mfastboot flash system system.img_sparsechunk.2
mfastboot flash system system.img_sparsechunk.3
mfastboot flash system system.img_sparsechunk.4
mfastboot flash system system.img_sparsechunk.5
mfastboot flash system system.img_sparsechunk.6
mfastboot flash system system.img_sparsechunk.7
mfastboot flash radio radio.img
mfastboot erase cache
mfastboot erase userdata
mfastboot reboot

ROOT for 6.0.1 SOAK
1. Download especific supersu version: (https://goo.gl/ejEZfY)
2. Put the file on your internal memory.
3. Install TWRP (Steps 3 to 6 , 2nd OPTION)
4. Install downloaded file in TWRP

PS3: If your device is booting on fastboot when turning on, you need to download ADB PACK and run this command: mfastboot OEM FB_mode_clear

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