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Fix “No root device found” on Fedora 13 live USB stick @ subuya

Fix “No root device found” on Fedora 13 live USB stick: "Trying to boot the Fedora 13 ISO beta written on to a USB memory stick with LiveUSB Creator, I kept getting the error:

No root device found. Boot has failed, sleeping forever.

It looks like the wrong UID for the boot drive is set for some reason, so the boot loader is looking for a drive that doesn’t exist. Instead of booting by UID, you can boot by drive label. By default, X gives your USB drive the label FEDORA.

To temporarily fix this so that you can boot, you need to change the kernel line like so:

1. When the Fedora boot screen appears telling you that the system will start in 10 seconds, press Enter to access the boot menu.
2. Press Tab to open the boot options
3. Change: root=live:UUID=1390-4D09 (the UID will be different, derived from your USB stick) to root=live:LABEL=FEDORA
4. Press Enter to boot.

To fix the problem permanently, edit the same line in the syslinux.conf file in /syslinux directory of the USB drive (you’ll probably need to boot from another OS to do this).

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