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Samsung Galaxy 3 GT-i5800 (root, gps fix, upgrading)

very good info
Well, I tried this at first, it didn't work because Orange completely locked the phone's firmware so you can't apply any update.zip file. I decided to flash it first.

I launched Odin, prepared it and I put the phone on Download mode (start it with Home + Menu + Volume + Power, I don't remember if it's Volume up or Volume down, try both, there are 3 different possibilities depending of what you do with the Volume button...). I applied the I5800BOJH1 firmware with success (using instructions in the first post, in "UPGRADING"). I never lost nor my IMEI, nor my MAC address. IMPORTANT NOTE : I could NOT manage to make 3G work with this firmware, so I re-flashed my phone later with I5800XWJH2 and 3G worked, see under for more explanations.

Tutorial -> Howto root your I5800 the easy way (without software and still keep all your data and settings)
I used BackFireNL's method to root my phone, now that Orange firmware locks were removed. It worked fine. I got a fully rooted phone.

I started then to download many apps, remove useless stock apps, change some settings, to use Wifi successfully and even to buy some handful apps like Autostarts, Dolphin Browser (donate), Root Explorer (this one is really handy !!), Titanium Backup (donate)...
However, 3G wasn't working due to the firmware I used (see above), I5800BOJH1. I made a full backup with Titanium and I re-flashed it with I5800XWJH2 (there are too many bad reviews about I5800XXJI2/I5800XWJI4 and their problems on this topic, I'll update again only if Froyo is available), it did work, and I rooted my phone again (same method). Restoring every app including paid ones did work fine, so no problem at all with root.

I replaced TouchWiz (without removing it completely, for backup purposes) by LauncherPro but my battery started to drain at an incredible speed, I couldn't even use my phone during a normal day without getting it with no energy. A few days later, I found out that TouchWiz was still running even if LauncherPro was used, I could stop it (I don't remember if I only killed it or if I used Autostarts to block it forever) and battery life got fully restored.

GPS never worked fine. I changed NTP servers values and I installed octy's trial app, now I could manage to get a signal (not easily, but I got it), the phone needs much time to self-locate but I tried it indoors today, I'll post some news about how it works outdoors later.

Thanks for all your work anyway, you helped me much with my new phone.

Some random remarks : I updated Busybox using the app available on the Market. The app itself failed but it gives a busybox binary on sdcard that I copied successfully in bin or xbin, I don't remember which one. I'm using a firewall (Droid Wall) too, which is very useful if you got a limited data plan and/or if you're a bit paranoid with your apps, but I had to install iptables which was not in the ROM. Oh, and if you experience connection problems when connected, don't forget to check the firewall...

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Good explanation and will be helpful to many. Please put details about ' how to prepare ODIN'. Remember this is for beginners. Good one.

Even I am waiting for some good efficient custom ROM.

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Well, everything about Odin is perfectly described in the first post of the topic, which I gave a link to. I only added details about things that were not fully described.

I forgot something ; sometimes, the phone puts itself in USB Modem mode and I'm not able to revert it. You can do an hard reset to revert it (but you lose your data) or you can reboot the phone in recovery mode (same thing that when you root your phone ; press Home + Menu + Volume + Power to start the phone (probably Volume down + Volume up, not sure, try different combinations)) and decide to reboot the phone, one of the options that you can select in recovery mode (don't forget that this applies only with flashed firmware, if you keep Orange's one, you can only do a factory reset). This fixes the USB problem (even if it can occur again). A normal reboot fixes nothing, you have to use Recovery mode to fix it, even if you simply use it to reboot the phone.

However, a few posts ago...
1. Dial *#7284#. This should open app called PhoneUtil (there are other ways to get to it)

2. In USB section, swith it to Modem, then switch it back to PDA

3. Exit, and USB should work.
I'll try this if the problem occurs again, it'd be faster than a reboot. I'm also using AdbWireless and it works well without any USB connection.

Oh, and I tried the GPS outdoors. It is incredibly slow when you rebooted the phone, I got a fix only after several minutes, but once locked to a GPS signal, you can disable GPS/Wifi/3G/Anything or shut down the screen (not the phone), when you enable everything back, you get located very quickly. I wonder if there's a way to improve first fix delay though.

I've been told that task killers were completely useless and not productive, this was said in this topic too. So I removed my task killer and installed Watchdog.

I installed Swapper 2 to use a linux-swap on my SD card (I formated it with Gparted), it works (even if no one can tell if swapping is useful on Android devices).

I'd be interested in overclocking too. I know you can do it only with a custom ROM because it's a very low level change...I'm using SetCPU to underclock my device when needed and it works fine (I strongly advise you to buy this app, so you can slow down your CPU while screen is off and/or battery is low), it'd be better with some overclock when needed, though.

Now I will try Live Wallpapers. No reason for them not to work though, as some of you said they were working.

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