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[How-To] Fix perfected SPL (fastboot remote: not allow) - xda-developers

[How-To] Fix perfected SPL (fastboot remote: not allow) - xda-developers: "[How-To] Fix perfected SPL (fastboot remote: not allow)

The following instructions :

* will void all warranties of your phone!
* will erase all your userdata!
* will change your current ROM/SPL!
* will change your current splash screen!
* could brick your phone!

Proceed at your own risk!

The 'trick' in fixing a perfected SPL is to fastboot a goldcard which contains a sappimg.nbh/zip that has :

* an non-perfected SPL (preferably an engineerings SPL).
* a ROM with a version that is HIGHER than your current ROM version.


1. Create a Goldcard.
2. Copy the required sappimg.nbh/zip to the Goldcard.
3. Boot your phone while holding the VOLUME-DOWN key.
4. Press the ACTION KEY (=trackball) to start the update.
5. Wait until the update completes and press the ACTION KEY (=trackball) to reboot your phone.
6. (Upgrade to the rooted ROM of your choice).


* ROM v2.53.707.2 (Engineerings SPL v1.33.2010) - MD5 : F9674D19BE5F949D0D9DC99714D210E3
* ROM v2.16.707.3 (NON-Perfected stock SPL v1.33.0009) - MD5 : DC391E4A3FC57861D7197C151176ED96
* ROM v2.16.151.1 (NON-Perfected stock SPL v1.33.0009) - MD5 : ADA4924293EFF619B05BB397446F862D

Aug-14-2009 : v2.53.707.2 (ekindangen)
Aug-14-2009 : v2.16.707.3 (ekindangen)
Aug-12-1009 : v2.16.151.1

Please inform us in case you have found a higher-version NBH/ZIP/RUU with a non-perfected SPL!
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